Real InterviewEdit

Hello! My name is 16.505225cb, and I interviewed Cameron Boyce, and this is what he said!

Hey Cameron!

What up, dog!

Okay, well, here to ask you some questions. Here's one:

How's working on JESSIE?

I love it. I love working with Jessie. She's so fun---

No, I meant on the? show JESSIE.

Oh, well, I still love it. I love JESSIE's charcters, and I love all the episodes. All the seasons are SO extrordinary, and I love it, I just love it. I also love cast, they are funny. Especially Jessie and Karan. They are my two best friends ever. I love them so much, both. We practice-

Hey, hey, I didn't get to that question yet!

Oh sorry :).

But, since that was my next question, go ahead and finish it. You were talking about Jessie?

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