“Finch's First Love”
Season 2, Episode 13
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Finch gets a major crush on Katie.


Luke: Hey, Finch!

Finch: What up?

Luke: Guess what, bro! Guess what?!!

Finch: What?!

Luke: I have a girlfriend! An actual girl!

Finch: Really?

Luke: Yes, and you need one too!

Finch: Well, there's this girl I have a crush on. I don't know if she likes me, though.

Luke: Well I'll help you through and through, bro.. Now go up to her and ask her out. Here's lessons: Don't let her say no. One moment. You be the girl, and I'll be you. Ok: Hey, Finchelina!

Finch: Um... hi....

Luke: We're goin on a date tonight at Danny's. 'Pick you up at 7!

Finch: Oh, that's awesome, dude!

(bell rings)

Luke: I gotta go. Do it right.

Finch: Okay. (goes up to Mackenzie) Hey, Mackenzie.

Macy: Oh hey, Finch, I saw you talking to Luke over there.

Finch: (laughs like a baby) You did?

Macy: Um.. yes..

Finch: Well, um, anyway, we're going on a date tonight at Danny's. I'll pick you up at 6:34.

Macy: Well, I-

(bell rings)

Finch: Gotta go to class. Bye!

Macy: Bye...

(Theme song)

Katie: Macy!

Macy: Hey, where's Em?

Katie: Sick. I heard you were going on a date with Finch. Did you break up with Luke?

Macy: No, he just asked me. What do I do?

Katie: I can go in your place.

Macy: Well, yah, ok, but Luke said Finch and him and me are going on a double date. Finch will see me with Luke and think I ditched him for Luke.

Katie: Oh it's ok, Macy! I'll go on a date with Finch! It'll be alright.

Macy: Thanks so much, how can I ever thank you?

Ravi: Ello!!!

Macy: Ravi?

Ravi: Yes it is me. Can I go on your playdate?

Katie: No, Ravi, it's for big kids only. You and Zuri are too young to go on dates.

Ravi: I'm in middle school! Come on, I'll will be a nice addition to your team.

Macy: Don't you go hamster on me!! But Fine, but I'll give you a dare. The date is tonight at 6:34, so until then, you have to speak in an English voice. And you can go with me and Luke.

Ravi; English voice? Like this: (speaks in English voice) What up. Want pancakes?

Macy: Um.. sure. It's starting NOW.

Jessie: What are you doing?

Ravi: Nothing much.

Jessie: Wait. Say that again.

Ravi: Nothing much.

Jessie: You and she and they and he and... What did you do Mackenzie?

Macy: Why do you assume it was me? It was. But why do you assume is was me?

Jessie: Cause you've been a bloodthirsty little rat ever since you came.

Macy: Yeah, I'm bloodthirstry.