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The Secret
By 16.505225cb and Mysterygirl000. When Ravi finds out Mackenzie likes Luke, he tells Luke about his secret he's been hiding, and Mackenzie does too. Meanwhile, Zuri battles Emma in a race with bicycles, but Emma has never rode a bike. Bertram quits his job as a butler to see what the outside world is like. But due to all the kids, he comes back. Read More...
Featured Character
Luna is cold

Luna Willows
By Mysterygirl000

The Mystery Girl's name, Luna Willows, is not figured out by the Jessie characters until the end of the season, but they go to endless lengths to try to figure it out. She is portrayed by Rebecca Snow. Read More...

Featured Cast Member
Isabella-palmieri image1

Isabella Palmieri
By User:ToadetteGirl10

Isabella Palmieri (Born January 22nd, 1998) is a current actor. She has also been seen as Starla on Shake it up. She plays Katie in Jessie and she is a Main character. Read More...

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Mysterygirl000 (aka:..................) Lives somewhere you don't need to know. Her occupation is classified information, and she is unknown. Her works do far have been Emma's new friend, The Secret, Mystery Girl, and One Less Mystery. Her best friend is 16.505255cb, and she has 614 edits since joining the wiki.

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<center>"This wouldn't be happening if you liked pina colada and getting caught in the rain"

-Mackenzie Willows

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