(L/uke and M/ackenzie)

Luke and Mackenzie

Shipped Characters


Not friends

In Mackenzie mind they boyfirend and girlfriend

Luke's New Girlfriend: Coming Soon

The Secret:Edit

Mackenzie: Get'cha, Get'cha, Get'cha Head in the Game-

Luke: Hey, Mackenzie. What's up?

Mackenzie: Nothin.

Luke: Aww, c'mon, what's up?

Mackenzie-I said nothing. Why do you care?

Luke-I was just asking. What was with the Get'cha head in the game thing?

Mackenzie- Seriously, does it matter?

Luke-Why are you so jumpy today?

Mackenzie(sighs)- Bye, Luke.

Doggy DaysEdit

Macy: Wait is that a-

Luke: A what?

Macy: A-

Luke: I guess so.

Macy- I gotta go.


Luke: Me?

Macy: Yes. I've been around....

Luke: What?

Macy: Okay. Say a name.

Luke: Okay... um...... Alex Russo?

Macy: Who?

Luke: Nevermind. Um... Creepy Connnie.

Macy: Creepy Connie.

(She turns into Creepy Connie)

Luke: AAH!!!

Macy: Scared now? There's more.

Luke: Why didn't you tell me you could do thid?

Macy: I knew you wouldn't get used to it easily!

Luke; What else can you do?

Macy: Well, I'm weaker than aany human being alive.

Luke: What?! I'm sorry. I don't know if I can trust you anymore. First about India and now this? What else have you been keeping from me?

Macy: Let me finish!

Luke: Fine. Make it snappy.

(Mackenzie's eyes turn red)

Luke: I mean... please tell me!! (scared) he. he. he.

Mackenzie: Okay. I have a lot of abilities. But I am really not strong. Not Stronger than anyone alive. I can turn into anyone or anyplace. And I wished i could have unlimited wishes. Please. I didnt't tell you this for you!

Luke: I don't know Mackenzie.


Mackenzie: Luke!

Luke: Mackenzie I- (hugs her) Forgive you!! Oh I missed you!

Mackenzie: I didn't go anywhere.

Luke: Yes. You left from my heart. But I knew I had to bring you back.

Mackenzie: Aww! That's the smartest thing I've ever heard you say! (hugs him)

The Just Friends ZoneEdit

Mackenzie: Luke?

Luke: Mackenzie, what are you doing here?

Mackenzie: I'm doing what I'm doing. What are you doing?

Luke: I know that, but what are you doing what you're doing here?

Mackenzie: What are you doing what you're doing what you're doing here?

Luke: Well,

Jessie: STOP!