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Luna Willows
Mystery girl
Full Name

Luna Willows


"The Mystery Girl" by most people



Date of Birth

August 7, 2000 (age 12)

Resides in

America (Unknown where in America)




Jayden Willows Mackenzie Willows

Mackenzie Willows


Zane Michaels (crush)



First Episode

Mystery Girl

Last Episode

One Less Mystery

Portrayed By

Laura Marano

The Mystery Girl's name, Luna Willows, is not figured out by the Jessie characters until the end of the season, but they go to endless lengths to try to figure it out. She is portrayed by Laura Marano.


She helps Zuri with her doll after it breaks; she gives Mr. Kipling a manni-petti for Ravi; she cleans the house for Bertram so he can have a vacation; she gives Luke fried rice in a heart box to impress Mackenzie; and she hosts a battle for Luke and Ravi to fight over Mackenzie, but, caring about her sister, she makes Luke win. She does nothing for Jessie because Jessie thinks she's dangerous. more COMING SOON  


Mackenzie WillowsEdit

Being her sister, Luna loves Mackenzie and has the deepest realationship with her. Also, Mackenzie is stated to be the only one in the Mystery Girl episodes to know her real name and why she chooses to remain unknown.

Zuri RossEdit

Luna is known to have a deep relationship with Zuri, as seen in "Mystery Girl". She hangs out with her and does whatever she asks, and Zuri in return keeps Jessie away from her, as Jessie wants to get rid of her.

Ravi RossEdit

Even though Ravi and Luna knew each other in India, Ravi at first doesn't recognize her and they don't have much of a relationship.

Katie MarchEdit

In "Mystery Girl", Katie sides with Jessie in trying to get rid of Luna because of how dangerous it might be to Zuri and her siblings. Luna doesn't mind this too much, but she feels Katie is trying to steal Zuri back. They don't have much of a relationship, but Mystery Girl secretly is jealous of how close Katie, Emma, and Mackenzie are, since Mystery Girl can't remain in a friendship for too long, as she always moves.

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